People Builders International
Welcome Everybody,
I'm glad you've found this site.
Unlike my other blog and newsletters this is a place where:
This is the one place where my colleagues and I will make products and services available for purchase but this will be only a part of the site and there will never be any pressure or hawking. (Tell me if you think we step over that line). It is a part of my nature to resist self-promoting so that's not a purpose for this site. And I will try to avoid posting trivia that wastes your time and is of no interest to most people.

I will write about my interests but only when I think these can apply to people like you. That means I'll write about leadership, coaching, contemporary trends, counseling, building people (especially emerging leaders), global issues, and following Jesus. Occasionally I might mention my career. I may write something about my colleagues, friends or family but only with their permission and when what I say could be of interest to you.

So that lays it out. I hope you will come back here often.